PLNU CenTer for Teaching & Learning


The Center for Teaching and Learning exists to provide leadership, encouragement, advocacy, and resources to enhance teaching, learning, and scholarship for all faculty, including full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty. The Center is committed to cultivating a culture at PLNU that values and facilitates ongoing professional development and growth. CTL supports faculty as they design coursework, improve classroom techniques, contemplate and adapt new techniques and technologies into their classrooms, and assess the effectiveness of their teaching methods.

The Center supports professors in a wide variety of ways as they further their scholarship and seek effective strategies to engage students in learning.  CTL houses a substantial library, offering books on loan on a wide range of topics relevant to teaching, learning, scholarship, writing and research. CTL also runs workshops on pertinent topics, brings in outside experts to share new ideas and strategies, and develops learning communities among faculty that can facilitate lasting change across our campus.

James Wicks, one of our TNT Faculty

James Wicks, one of our TNT Faculty

TnT Faculty

For Fall 2017, we are celebrating our colleagues who have served as TNT Faculty in the past.  

Bill Clemmons - Music

April Cordero - Biology

Mike Dorrell - Biology

Lindsey Lupo - History & Political Science

Paul Schmelzenbach - Physics & Engineering

James Wicks - Literature