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Tara Gray - Excel at Teaching

"Every teacher should take specific, concrete steps to help students learn. In this workshop, Tara Gray presents her own 12 steps based on her reading of the scholarship of teaching and learning, her 20 years of teaching experience and her 15 years of directing a teaching center. The steps include steps to help you teach your content and your students as well as steps to help you as a teacher."  For for information, contact

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4S Group Work

4S Group Work - 

The 4S structure is a concept borrowed from Team-Based Learning, a collaborative method of instruction created by Larry Michaelsen. It stands for Significant Problem, Same Problem, Specific Choice, and Simultaneous Reporting. Come learn more about developing 4S in your classroom!

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Appy Hour
12:10 PM12:10

Appy Hour

Appy Hour

Love to talk Tech? Announcing, “Appy Hour,” where we share about apps and other technologies that make our teaching and/or professional life better, easier, or more efficient. Each participant has 8 minutes to share their technology, so come prepared to share quickly! You can be a sharer or a listener.


Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:10pm – 1:10pm Pacific Time


Ryan Library rm 202

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