Christian Practices Integrated in Our Teaching

Wesleyan Center Reading Group, March 17, 2016

Four faculty members from History, Management, Biology, and Management contributed to this handout on how Christian Practices were implemented in their courses.

Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry (CHE 103)

Chemistry Senior Capstone Seminar (CHE 495)

Dr. Matthieu Rouffet incorporates Christian Practices into his courses on a regular basis. The attached document is a brief summary on how he does this.


Human Biology and Bioethics Integration of Spiritual Practices (BIO 101)

Dr. Dianne Anderson provides a unique approach to Christian Practices in her biology courses, which often lead to life-changing habits for students. In the attached document, she provides an assignment chart on how she does this.

From the Office of Spiritual Development

Dr. Mary Paul, Vice President of the Office of Spiritual Development, provides this resource for faculty to be able to direct students where to reach out for spiritual care.