Teachers Noticing Teachers

Mike Dorrell was selected as the Point Loma Nazarene University's Center for Teaching and Learning TNT Teacher for the Fall 2015 Term.

Teachers Noticing Teachers is a program of peer mentoring designed to allow professors to observe the teaching of a particularly accomplished colleague. Although many of the TNT participants are themselves extremely accomplished teachers, they become enthusiastic, inquisitive and probing students observing other teachers.

TNT participants visit the host professor’s class once in the first few weeks and then everyone—participants, host teacher and the CTL director—meet for lunch and talk. Conversation begins with two simple questions. “What did you see that you liked and that you think you could steal?” “What would you have to do in order to adapt that technique to your style and your class?”
From this simple beginning conversation roams over a variety of teaching topics depending on the host professor’s style and on the interests and concerns of professor-observers. Every group provides rich conversation and stimulates deep reflection into the nature of teaching and the fascinating complexity of teaching well. 

Former TNT Professors:

John Wu, Psychology, Spring 2018

James Wicks, Literature, Fall 2016

Lindsey Lupo, History and Political Science, Spring 2016

Mike Dorrell, Biology, Fall 2015

Kevin Modesto, Sociology and Social Work, Fall 2014

Lori Carter, Computer Science, Spring 2014

Ross Oakes Mueller, Psychology, Spring 2013